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Note from Project Six CEO, Faisal Khan

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Interim Markham, IL mayor illegally gave himself pay hike, back pay check with tax dollars: Project Six investigation

How Markham Illinois' interim Mayor gave himself a raise, back pay check, at taxpayers expense

A Markham, IL city official appears to have abused his power to bilk the city out of tens of thousands…

About Project Six

The name for Project Six is drawn from the “Secret Six.” The Secret Six were a group of businessmen and city leaders in Chicago during the 1930s whose economic, political and legal efforts led to the demise of Al Capone and his criminal empire.

During the prohibition era in Chicago, nearly every political, law-enforcement and business leader was corrupted by Capone’s crime network. The Secret Six worked behind the scenes to choke off Capone’s business interests and take away his deep-rooted influence in the city.

The Secret Six were integral in assembling “the untouchables”—the group of federal agents that successfully investigated and arrested Capone—and ensuring Chicago had a trustworthy and capable force to stop the unchallenged reign of corruption by “Scarface Al” and his mob. Like the inspiration for our name, Project Six will be fighting to expose the corrupt system operating inside City Hall and changing the “Chicago way” to one of open and honest government.