| by Faisal Khan

Every day there’s a new story about someone abusing their power, wasting tax dollars or violating public trust. It’s exhausting, frustrating, tiresome and, unfortunately, has become our way of life—the Chicago Way.

But Project Six has been fighting to end the Chicago Way because of a simple reason—you deserve better. The need has never been higher for honest and transparent government—not because we say so, but because you’re demanding it.

In our mere 18 months of existence, more than 300 of you have reported tips to Project Six. Over 14,000 Illinoisans follow our work online and more than 130,000 have visited our website to read our investigations, commentary and articles on fraud, corruption, waste and mismanagement in Chicago and Illinois. Thank you.

These numbers are eye-opening. It is so heartening to see you joining in our fight for a better city and state. The truth is, it would be easy to do something else with your time besides joining our movement for honest and transparent Illinois government.

Your bravery and outrage in speaking out is what made Project Six so successful in 2017. But I need your help to make 2018 even more successful than 2017, and that starts with your financial support of Project Six.

A year-end contribution to Project Six will go a long way in continuing the fight for Chicago and Illinois against corruption. Every dollar we receive goes directly to our efforts to produce uncompromising and unrelenting investigations that not only expose corruption but also show how to stop it from happening again.

You can make a secure online donation at https://thesecretsix.com/donate/

We can’t fix Chicago and Illinois overnight. But I will promise you that Project Six will make a difference for the better, and directly for you. Keep fighting with us.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and see you in 2018.