| by Faisal Khan

Have you heard about what’s going on in Markham, Illinois?

It’s emblematic of the corruption that’s happening all across the state, and it’s costing taxpayers more and more.

In December, Project Six exposed how the interim mayor of the south suburban City of Markham illegally gave himself a taxpayer-funded $70,000 raise and ordered that he be given a $34,000 “back pay” check. Because of our investigation, both the Illinois attorney general and the State’s Attorney’s Office have said publicly that they are reviewing this case of corruption in Markham.

But we didn’t simply report and then walk away from Markham—we stayed vigilant and kept an eye on power.

And that vigilance allowed us to break the story about Markham’s interim mayor again breaking the law and illegally firing three city officials in February—including the city inspector general.

Project Six has learned that as of this week, all three city officials who were improperly fired—including the inspector general—have been reinstated, and we remain the only outlet reporting on the mayor effectively trying to get rid of oversight in the corruption-plagued city.

But we can’t stay vigilant without your help.

To bring taxpayers our investigation on Markham, it took Project Six investigators:

Project Six investigators are talking with whistleblowers, gathering evidence, combing through data and assembling investigations on a daily basis to achieve our mission of corruption-free and transparent government in Illinois.

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