| by Project Six

Project Six, the good-government watchdog organization that has exposed illegal campaign donations, conflicts of interest in Chicago’s City Hall, political misconduct, nepotism and waste is stopping operations this month. Options for keeping the Project Six website and social media platforms running will be explored.

Faisal Khan, CEO of Project Six, released the following statement:

“For the past two years, Project Six investigators have talked to hundreds of Illinoisans to listen to their stories and investigate their reports of government corruption and misconduct. We are so proud of the results we were able to accomplish in that short time, and I know that our work helped give a voice to many people who have been ignored for so long.

“Our investigations and reporting helped eliminate conflicts of interest in City Hall, exposed local government waste and fraud, revealed politicians abusing voters’ trust and taxpayer dollars, and much more. We are saddened to not be able to continue to produce regular investigations and content, but we are confident that corruption and waste will continue to be exposed by the amazing investigative journalists at news outlets like the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s, Block Club, BGA, The Daily Line and all of Chicago’s fantastic TV and radio journalists.

“As with any nonprofit organization, Project Six survived on the generosity of our readers, donors and supporters. While we wish that we could continue our work, we are grateful for the two years we were able to help influence the public debate around good government and push for a true open and honest government in Illinois.

“We hope that everyone who read and supported Project Six’s work will continue to push for trustworthy, thorough and unbiased investigative journalism in Chicago. Corruption has become systemic in Illinois, and Project Six’s mission was to expose and end corruption no matter what politician, office or party was the source. The work that Project Six produced helped make a difference in Chicago because we stayed true to our mission. We took tips from taxpayers and whistleblowers and investigated government corruption; we didn’t take ‘tips’ from politicians to do their bidding.

“Thank you to everyone who read, published, reported and supported Project Six’s work. We will be communicating with whistleblowers and tipsters who have come to Project Six and with the permission of some tipsters we will be forwarding cases and tips to investigative agencies, other open cases and tips will be secured. The identity and security of all Project Six tipsters and whistleblowers will remain private and protected. We will be exploring the possibilities to keep our articles, investigations and commentary on our website, thesecretsix.com.”