Project Six is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to investigating, exposing and ending government corruption in Chicago and across Illinois.

Faisal Khan, former legislative inspector general for the city of Chicago, heads the team of investigators, writers and researchers dedicated to exposing fraudulent government officials and the corrupt systems they create. Corrupt politicians, who are working for their own selfish gain and not for taxpayers, have been allowed to run Chicago and Illinois for so long that many people simply accept this as the unchangeable way of the city and state. But this costly and unfair system is unacceptable.

Taxpayers and engaged citizens are the only people who can truly change their government for the better. Project Six will help give people the tools to demand more out of their elected officials and ensure they are fulfilling their duty to taxpayers honestly and openly.

Chicago aldermen tried—and succeeded in—shutting down the legislative inspector general’s office in 2015, effectively preventing any real oversight of the city’s elected officials, but now Project Six will fill that void. As an independent, nonprofit organization, Project Six will be able to accept citizen and whistleblower tips (by name or anonymously), investigate any reported wrongdoings and illegal violations by aldermen, and initiate investigations into how elected officials are—or are not—fulfilling their duty to taxpayers.

Project Six research

Guarantee of Quality Scholarship

Project Six is dedicated to providing the highest quality and dependable investigations into government corruption and research on public policy issues in Illinois. Project Six guarantees that all statements of fact presented in our publications are verifiable, and information attributed to other sources is accurately represented.

Project Six welcomes critical review of its work to ensure its quality and reliability. If the accuracy of our research is questioned and brought to Project Six’s attention with supporting evidence in writing, Project Six will respond, and if an error exists, Project Six will issue a correction that will accompany all subsequent distributions of the publication, which constitutes the complete and final remedy under this guarantee.

Independent Research and Activities

Project Six engages in research and educational activities that advance the mission of the organization regardless of whether the research and educational activities may run counter to the interests of organizations and individuals that provide financial support to Project Six. Project Six does not engage in commissioned investigations or reports. Project Six’s financial supporters do not control the research design, methodology, analysis or findings of Project Six research projects, nor do they have control over the content of educational programs. Offers of financial support predicated on such expectations are not accepted.

Project Six funding

Project Six is funded by individuals, businesses and charitable foundations who are passionate about uncovering corruption in Chicago and Illinois and ensuring taxpayers have a transparent government in our city and state. Project Six is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, all donations to Project Six are tax deductible.