| by Project Six

Today, a campaign worker in Michael Madigan’s office came forward with evidence of sexual harassment by one of Madigan’s top political aides, Kevin Quinn. The accuser also discussed how Madigan did not have the independent legislative inspector general investigate the sexual harassment, but instead, Madigan’s in-house attorney conducted an investigation and reportedly tried to “minimize the sexual harassment.”

On Monday, Madigan announced that he had fired Kevin Quinn, who is also the brother of Chicago alderman Marty Quinn (13th Ward), after the three-month internal investigation and a year after the harassment was first reported.

Project Six CEO Faisal Khan issued the following statement on this investigation:

“It is absolutely unacceptable that Speaker Madigan or Alderman Marty Quinn did not refer this to an independent, outside investigative office.

“The law dictates that these serious allegations absolutely warranted an investigation by an outside investigator, not one that would instantaneously call into question its credibility and objectivity. But instead, the speaker used a hand-picked, in-house attorney to conduct an investigation that reportedly tried to ‘minimize’ the allegations of harassment in an attempt to save Quinn, a long-time friend and political operative to Madigan. 

“The fact that the Speaker of the House, one of the most powerful politicians in Illinois, decided to ignore the law by failing to file a complaint with the legislative inspector general is both galling and frustrating. Madigan’s actions are perfect representations of Illinois elected officials’ attitudes toward oversight in this state. The legislative inspector general or any other oversight agency could easily have investigated this case, regardless of what funds Quinn was being paid out of. No elected official or office gets to choose their own oversight mechanism. Madigan made the wrong choice by using an attorney that has a clear conflict of interest because she is being paid by the office she was charged to investigate, and appears to have done an incomplete job.

“The fact that an investigation did not take place until 10 months after this harassment was first reported to Alderman Quinn is absolutely unacceptable for any victim of harassment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint that the victim has now filed against Speaker Madigan’s office shows that the legislative inspector general needs to review this investigation to ensure that everyone involved in this case–not just Kevin Quinn–is properly held accountable for any wrongdoing.”


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