Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan is the CEO and president of Project Six.

Faisal has spent his career serving the public. Faisal began his professional career as a police misconduct investigator with the New York Civilian Complaint Review Board. He began going to law school at night, and after graduating Brooklyn Law School in 2001, became an assistant district attorney in New York City, working in various bureaus, including Narcotics and Career Criminals and Major Crime. He concluded the New York phase of his career by serving as inspector general to all of New York’s financial agencies.

In Chicago, Faisal continued fighting government corruption by becoming the city’s first-ever legislative inspector general, whose mission was to investigate allegations of misconduct by members and employees of the Chicago City Council.

He has twin boys who live in New York and are his heart and soul.



Kelly Tarrant

Kelly Tarrant is an investigator for Project Six, investigating public corruption and financial crimes with a special emphasis on Illinois campaign finance.

Before joining Project Six, Kelly was involved in government in a variety of ways, most recently as chief investigator for the Office of the Legislative Inspector General of Chicago, which oversaw Chicago’s City Council. Her focus remains on cleaning up government by using her expertise and knowledge to help root out corruption at the city, county and state levels.

Kelly is a lifelong Chicagoan, having grown up on the Southeastside as an avid White Sox fan. She has three daughters and a son.

Kelly earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature and Latin American Studies at Loyola University Chicago.



Michael Graham

Michael Graham is an investigator and General Counsel for Project Six.

Before coming to P6, Michael was an investigator and legal counsel for the Office of the Legislative Inspector General in Chicago. Having a longtime interest in governance, Michael hopes to bring additional transparency and accountability to Chicago and Illinois government.



Nathaniel Hamilton

Nathaniel Hamilton is the director of Marketing and Communications for Project Six. In his role, he works with Project Six researchers and investigators to help craft and promote the work of P6.

Before joining Project Six, Nathaniel was the communications manager at the Illinois Policy Institute, where he helped promote the Institute’s research and commentary. While at the Institute, Nathaniel worked on many Chicago and Illinois policy issues, such as the causes behind the state’s lagging economy, the impact of corruption on government and the importance of government transparency.

Nathaniel earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics at Butler University.



Orlando Ortiz

Orlando Ortiz is an investigator for Project Six. Prior to joining Project Six, Orlando was an assistant legislative inspector general for the Office of the Legislative Inspector General, where he investigated allegations of misconduct by City Council employees and elected officials.

Orlando was born in Chicago. He graduated from Roosevelt University with a master’s degree in Public Administration. As an undergrad, he attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in Criminology, Law and Justice, with a minor in Sociology. He also holds an associate of applied science degree in Intelligence Operations Studies from Cochise College.



Shannon Mettelman

Shannon Mettelman is the administrative manager for Project Six where she oversees the day-to-day operations of the office.

Before joining Project Six, Shannon was the executive assistant and office manager at the Office of the Legislative Inspector General for the City of Chicago, an independent, nonpartisan oversight office. Previously, Shannon had a long career in fundraising and event management in the nonprofit industry.

Shannon earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Iowa.



Abigail Hart

Abigail Hart is an associate investigator for Project Six.

Abi graduated in May 2017 from The George Washington University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Journalism. Her main interests and passions involve political journalism, international and domestic policymaking, and analyzing/exposing government practices that empower corruption.

Abi focused her undergraduate studies on the vital role that a free press plays in maintaining democracy and ending corruption. Her career goals are to help develop a stronger, healthier press while revealing corrupt government policies, institutions and officials.